Ultimate guide to Facebook Live streaming for ecommerce

Facebook live shopping is the best way to sell items, interact directly with viewers, and gain potential customers, all in genuine-time. When you sell products through live shopping on Facebook, you are live streaming as you feature your products. Stream sanctions you to apportion more information, demonstrate your products, answer questions from viewers, and acknowledge to their reactions. It’s very interactive for you and your viewers, and when viewers want to make a purchase, they can do it directly in the live stream. 

When you add a reliable marketing analytics software into the mix, your strategies for running Facebook live becomes more effective and fine-tuned, allowing you to get better results out of your marketing initiatives.

However, while there are undoubtedly many benefits to live to stream, it’s not always practical. Maybe you’re not available at the optimal times that you’d want to stream. Or perhaps you’re just afraid of saying something dumb in front of a live audience.

Can you prerecord Facebook live? Here is how?

The solution is Very Easy to Use but cost a Little Money (Recommended for Non-Tech Users & Brands)

We all leaving in a superfast world where time and resources are precious. Suppose you have a brand and want to do the Facebook live activity of existing videos. Then we suggest this easy way to stream prerecorded videos on Facebook Live.

SocialBot is one of the useful services available on the Internet, which will do everything for you. SocialBot prerecorded live tool is convenient for:

Key Features of SocialBot:

How to use SocialBot service:

Sign up for SocialBot using your Facebook account & grant access to your profile and pages you manage.

In the Social posting, section selects the Facebook Livestreaming option. Now, you have to create a live streaming campaign.

Enter necessary details of stream in right-hand side you can view preview this is precisely how stream will look on Facebook live.

SocialBot never forces anything you can go live with SocialBot inbuilt video broadcasting method, or you can use third-party software to go live. Once you select your method, upload the video.

You also have an option for live or later video for letter option just select date and time zone. If you want to create an event notification, you also have an option for that too.

Now select page/groups where you want to publish. If you’re going to run this live event/streaming on another page, choose the cross-posting option, it will be live. They’re also the event you have the option to share this event on another page

Commenting is very important to the customer. You can set one auto comments like “thank you for coming here “or anything related to your product. Or you can make disable comments

That’s it. Your live event is ready now, click on the create campaign button and relax SocialBot will handle everything for you.

I hope you will utilize it for a good sell purpose and deliver useful content to your audience using live stream prerecorded videos on Facebook. Please do let me know in the comments if you face any issues.

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